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Architecture of Edinburgh

09 June 2009

1883 – Bank of Scotland, George Street, Edinburgh

Architect: Peddie & Kinnear

09 June 2009

1883 – Carrubers Close Mission Buildings, Edinburgh

Architect: John Armstrong

09 June 2009

1883 – University Club Edinburgh, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Architect: Peddie & Kinnear

09 June 2009

1884 – Hall & Staircase, Melvin House, Edinburgh

Architect: Sydney Mitchell Part of a terrace in the west end of the New Town, Melvin House was built in 1883 by Sidney Mitchell for John Ritchie Findley, founder of “The Scotsman” newspaper....

27 March 2012

1884 – House, Oswald Road, Edinburgh, Scotland

Architect: Robert Morham Perspective view of new house in Oswald Road in The Architect, July 12th 1884.

02 September 2009

1890 – National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Architect: Sir Robert Rowand Anderson The building mixes Italian and Gothic styles and was constructed between 1885 and 1890 by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson (1834-1921) as the National Museum of Antiquities. It is...

02 September 2009

1892 – Jenners Department Store, Edinburgh

Architect: William Hamilton Beattie Jenners on Princes Street is not just a large department store, it is an Edinburgh institution – the Harrods of Edinburgh. Jenners is the oldest independent department store in...

06 May 2014

1894 – Chancelot Flour Mills, Edinburgh

This grand sandstone building, with its distinctive four-face clock tower, was erected in 1891, beside Dalmeny Road in Bonnington, and dominated the area for many years. Following an explosion, the building was gutted...

09 June 2009

1896 – North Bridge Street Reconstruction, Edinburgh

Architect: Gibson & Russell Second Premiated Design

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