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Architecture of Scotland

09 June 2009

1860 – House at Murchiston Park, Edinburgh

09 June 2009

1860 – National Security Savings Bank, Edinburgh

Architect: David Cousin

09 June 2009

1860 – Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

Architect: J.T. Rochead

16 April 2013

1860 – Warehouse, Bath St., Glasgow

Architect: A. & G. Thomson From The Building News, May 31 1872: “One of our illustrations this week is of a house in Bath-street, Glasgow, which was built about twelve years ago by...

10 January 2014

1861 – Congregational Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Architect: J.W & J. Hay “Our readers will recollect an engraving which lately appeared in our paper, of Dr. Alexander’s Church, built on George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh, the building was opened on the...

02 September 2009

1861 – Royal Museum, Edinburgh

Architect: Captain Francis Fowke Forming the major part of the National Museums of Scotland, the Royal Museum is located in Chambers Street and was designed by Captain Francis Fowke, of the Royal Engineers....

14 January 2014

1862 – Free Church, Kelvinside, Glasgow

Architect: Douglas & Stevenson Opened in 1862, closed in the 1970s, it has now been converted and is functioning as the “Òran Mór” restaurant.

16 October 2009

1862 – Shooting Box, Bonawe, Argyleshire

Architect: William Boutcher From The Building News, October 3, 1862: We illustrate this week a front and bock view, and ground plan, of a shooting box just commenced at the foot of Ben...

24 June 2010

1863 – Free West Church, Greenock, Scotland

“This church, recently opened,””and a particular description of which appeared in a previous number of the Builder,””is situate in the west end of Greenock, at the corner of Ardgowan and Kelly streets. The...