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@fearg wrote:

Moving from the sanctuary towards the organ gallery on the South side:
1 The apparition of the Angel to St Patrick.
2 St Martin of Tours gives St Patrick the religious habit.
3 St Patrick receives the mission from Pope Celestine.
4 His dispute with the Druids.
5 The vocation of St Benignus.
6 St Benignus recalling to life the daughter of King Daire.
7 St Brigid blessing her monastery at Kildare.
8 St Brigid giving sight to sister Dara.
9 St Columcille receiving the cranes from Ireland.
10 Prophecy of St Columcille to Eman.
11 St Columbanus founding his monastery at Bobbio.
12 St Ita and her companions guided by an angel.

On the North side, beginning at the organ gallery:
1 Death of St Dympna.
2 St Brendan sails on his voyage
3 St Aidan blessing the hands of Gobban.
4 St Colman teaching at Lismore.
5 St Adamnan writing the life of St Columcille.
6 The Pope blessing St Alban and his brothers.
7 St Virgil founding the cathedral at Salzburg.
8 St Celsus dying, sends his crozier to St ~Malachy.
9 St Malachy chosen as Primate of Armagh.
10 St Malachy helping the plague victims at Armagh.
11 Gelasius consecrates St Laurence O’Toole.
12 St Laurence O’Toole before Henry II of England.

Ferg very kindly posted this list of the scenes depicting the history of the Irish Church in Armagh Cathedral. Cobh Cathedral has no major painted works in its internal conception and organisation. It does have a similar variant history which is depicted on carved panels placed in the spandrels of the nave. The history starts at the east end of the nave and runs as follows:

1. St Patrick captured by Niall
2. St. Patrick instructed by St Germain
3. St. P. calls the synod of Cruchan
4. St Fiachs school at Sletty
5. St Brigid founds Kildare
6. St. Columchille preaches to the Picts
7. Synod of Dromceat
8. Sts. Brendan and Ita meet
9- Saran persents a church to Finbarr
10. Comgall founds Bangor
11. St Cumian
12. St. Dympna
13. St Fergal (Virgilius) of Salzburg
14. Synod of Kells

South side beginning at the west end

1. Rory O’Connor, last High King dies at Cong
2. The founding of Youghal Abbey (by Maurice Fitzgerald for the Franciscans in 1220)
3. Unification of Cloyne and Cork under Bishop Jordan Purcell
4. The trial of Archbishop Hedian of Cashel
5. The Martyrdom of Archbishop Hurley of Cashel
6. Bishop Creagh of Cloyne (and subsequently of Dublin) dies in the tower of London
7. The martyrdom of Br. Dominic Collins S.J. at Youghal
8. The martyrdom of Bishop terence Albert O’Brien of Emly
9. Bishop heber McMahon
10. The nartrrdom of Bishop Boethius McEgan at Clondrohid bridge
11.Rined churchyard
12. Mass in penal times
13. Bishop de Burgo with his book Hibernia Dominicana; Bishop Coppinger flees Youghal
14. Daniel O’Connell wins Catholic Emancipation
15. Bishop Rober Brown presents Cobh Cathedral to God.

A second historica series is depicted on the capitals of the nave. beginning on the nrth side, east end they are:

1. Patrick receives his mission from Pope Celestine
2. Patrick preaches at Tara
3. Patrick baptises the king of Cashel
4. Brigid receives the veil from St Mel
5. Brigid cures a leprous boy
6. Columbcille writes the Book of Kells
7. Columcille leaves Ireland
8. St. Colman the bard of Cashel
9. Colombanus instructed by St, Comgall
10. Colombanus and Gall convert Switzerland
11. Killian rebuks the DUke of Wurzburg
12. Killian and the lunatic woman Geilana
13. Malachy visits Pope Innocent II

The series continues on the south side, west end:

1. The dean and chapter of Cloyne trample on a presumptious warrant of Henry III
2. Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy dies in Ivrea
3. The Blessed Thaddeus appears tot he bihop of Ivrea
4. The legate David WOulfe hears confessions
5. The burning of Our Lady of Tuam and of the Bachall Iosa
6. Bishop Macraidhe dies in hiding in teh Galtees
7. Bishop McRaidhe ordains
8. Luke Wadding writes the Annals of th Four Masters
9. The martyrdom of St Oliver Plunkett at Tyburn
10. Bishop John Baptist Sleyne imprisoned in Cork
11. Bishop Slyne sentenced to transportation to Portugal
12. The Sermon on the mount
13. St. John the Baptist preaches penance
14. The institution of the Blessed Eucharist

An eample of the spandril panels: no.15 SouthSide; Bishop Browne presents Cobh Cathedral to God:

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