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    modular man

    Maybe I have been living in a cave or something but I have just come across this. A train tunnel under the Atlantic and it apparently runs all the way underneath Ireland! This is scheduled to open in 2009. Blimey

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    I hope the sandwiches are fresh.

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    I wonder when all the landowners along the Irish section of the route will sue

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    Oh my god, 😮 This has to be a joke.

    That is by far the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. A tunnel from Swansea to New Jersey? Have theses people ever heard of the mid-Atlantic Rift? :rolleyes:

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    Frank Taylor

    Graham Hickey’s lego convention centre was better.

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    Recent speculation as to the construction of an under Atlantic railway are incorrect. The project, which has secured EU funding, is under direction of the Irish authorities and has been changed from a rail-based system to a 4-lane road tunnel, linking the UK to the US via Ireland.

    Irish Government sources are quoted as saying that a “road would be far superior to a rail-based system, and would help to relieve existing bottle-necks in trans-Atlantic traffic”. The Irish road building authorities are proposing that 17 tolls would be placed on the route, which runs beneath the sea. The NRA also denies that there was any other option except to route the road through Atlantis, which they say is in any case more effected by butterflies in S.E. Asia – than the impact that this critical piece of infrastructure will have. However critics have noted that real-estate along the route is now being proposed for rezoning – particularly adjacent to the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Separately industry sources point out that if called upon, Irish builders have “great experience” at building in flood-plains. They deny that this is a sub-standard project, pointing out that “Ireland is thriving with projects such as this, as it is a gerrymandered republic being run by gerry-build developers”. The source also described the accusation of tunnel-vision as “ludicrous”.

    Sorry folks, couldn’t resist it :p


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    If a transatlantic tunnel was ever to be built, it would be a massive floating tunnel anchored to the seabed.

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    Morlan you seem to have thought this through – please, elaborate 🙂

    Good one Hutton 😀

    Who owns this site, aside from the ‘Atlantic Tunnel Corportation’ :rolleyes:

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    Jack White

    @weehamster wrote:

    Have theses people ever heard of the mid-Atlantic Rift?

    Times Atlas of the World at P96 it is actually the Mid Atlantic Ridge which increases the height of the Ocean Floor. Given the native skill for placing structures on elevated and poorly drained sites I’m sure there were a few Irish engineers involved.

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    Cute Panda

    Press Release

    New Action Committee Formed to Bring Atlantic Tunnel to Swinford

    A new group calling itself the Tunnel of the Sacred Heart have demanded that the new Atlantic Tunnel from New Jersey to London be diverted to serve Swinford. “The Atlantic Tunnel fits seemlessly into the Spatial Stragegy and it’s about time the Governments of the world made a firm commitment to the people of the West of Ireland.” said Mons. Fatchna NiFinnicauliannes spokesperson of the community based group.


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    modular man

    The reason I came across the first link is that when I open the intenet, the french MSN homepage has a link to this site.

    I tried to find an english version to post but I have since noticed that these are two different companies. Does this mean that the two of them are vyinig for the same contract. Does anyone really want to sit for eight hours on a train in a tunnel underneath the ocean. This is all very strange.

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    My suspicions were initially aroused as the definition of ‘development’ in the 2000 Act includes works ‘on, over or under land’, so a project such as this would have required planning permission in Ireland.
    Then somebody told me to enter the competition on the website. Do it and see (even though the date has passed).
    Still, had me going for a while. 😮

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    i believe there will be som sort of tunnel there sometine in the near future probaly when wer all botoxed !!!!!!

    Anyway how will they get air down there ? how will they see with No sunlight down there ?
    and how will they get passed the Mid Atlantic Ridge which is part od a major tectonic plate wit tremors ,mountainns, volcanoes and trwenches there ????

    oh well i guess i opnened the can of beans!!!.

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    J. Seerski

    Saw this in Paris Gare Montparnasse – Im no good at French, but you can get the jist of it – perhaps it aint no joke?!!!!!

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