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    I am interested in what members thought of their Open House experience.

    My own was not too good.
    For one thing there was far too little time to see all the houses in the time allotted to them – generally between 2 pm – 5 pm Sat or Sun last.

    The Army Barracks open house was cancelled.
    I think that this one was never on really, given the amount of additional activities in a barracks every Saturday : having packs of nosy browsers wandering around could never be allowed in a environment here everyone must be seen to be doing something visibly purposeful.

    Mary I’s tour guide could not be located anywhere on the campus at 11:30 am.

    I got to see 1 country house yesterday – Ballinvirick House in Askeaton.
    But the whole thing – waiting for the next tour, the tours – house, back gardens and stables/pond, etc – took about 1 hour and that prevented me getting to Fanningstown Castle for another house.

    The guide booklet was instructive enough – not least on Andy Devane – but I feel that this event was poorly thought through from the logistical point of view.
    This range of houses needed much more time for them to be seen – if they were shown at all.

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    Meant to catch this on Sunday and when I sat down Sunday morning to plan my itinerary I was really excited about being able to see the new wing of the hospital and the vaults beneath St. John’s Square especially. However these things were only open on Saturday. The main Sunday events were around UL which didn’t interest me at all so unfortunately I missed it. I hope they run it again next year though.

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    I was gutted once again to miss out on an Open House experience and I also really wanted to explore Limerick (a city I know so little about).

    I wouldnt be too down about this first event. Its probably worth saying that this is just the start for Limerick and that the event was all but voluntarily organised. I think that the team put great effort into the event. Here in Dublin we might be a little more expecting of events like Culture Night and OHD but its fair to say they are running 6 years now. They have learned all the pitfalls and thats why these events run like clockwork. However even here events overlap or fall on different days and you never get to see everything you want….its what makes next year so much more exciting!

    I really notice a seachange in thinking about Limerick. There is certainly a big social media buzz about the city. With the new unified authority and a big push to regenerate the centre, we will hopefully start seeing a city that is proud of its heritage emerge.

    Lots to do of course… but as a speaker at an event said today: in a time of no developers, be your own developer.

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