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    Does anyone know of any Ireland-based project work website ?

    Basically this sort of website would be a marketplace for skilled professional people
    and their would-be clients.
    It would embrace all types of projects requiring skilled people on a limited duration basis —
    once the project is complete, the skilled person is no longer required.

    Professionals using the website would pay for two things:

    1) The freedom to place an advertisement detailing their skills, experience and categories
    of project work in which they would have an interest. During the payment period they could
    edit their advert.

    2) The freedom to “see” online all advertised project work under certain categories of
    particular interest to them for a given period.

    Client Businesses / Individual Clients using the website would likewise pay for :

    1) Advertising their project job.

    2) The freedom to “see” on the website those professionals holding skills of interest
    to them for the work in question.

    Does anyone know of such a website in Ireland ?

    Please — do not refer me to or suchlike.

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