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    Hardly a surprise, given the limited selection of large buildings on the short-list.
    I know small buildings can illustrate excellent architecural form as well (maybe better) than big ones but I think it is hard to compare the task of reconciling the competing demands of form, engineering and functioning of such a large building with that of a cubed rear extension in D6.

    But I wonder just how much input Taylor had into this highly complex building compared to the expertise available from RMJM, a firm with a much bigger and multi-disciplinary staff — an with an established track record with university buildings.

    Which leads me to wonder — why don’t we see more co-operation between Irish architect practices and consulting engineering firms so as to win bigger jobs here and abroad ?
    It might be the only way to prevent Arup style buildings going up at a time when all individual architect practices have shed all non-essential expertise to stay afloat.

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