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    john white

    Hi there

    Remember I asked about those quadrant shaped flat pieces of stone in the corners of the Custom’s House Exterior?

    Rory I think sugested they were to stop people urinating in corners[the stones slope down toward the trousers]. That seems like a good theory to me.

    We were in Venice again last week and my girlfiriend and I spotted a HUGE one not far from Corso Nuovo. It’s about 4 feet in radius! and almost touching the ground. Very steep angle. I don’t know – my girlfriend suggested it’s a structural support.

    Unless it’s for stopping elephants…

    Who knows how some of these features come about. I presume lots of them start in a mundane fashion and then become encorporated into newer deigns when the original purpose is forgotten. Sometimes becoming decorative in themselves.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hugh Pearman

    You get these pieces occasionally in London, too – the Victorians did them in iron as well as stone, to fill in corners on public stairways etc. They are certainly anti-urination devices, and very effective – perhaps they should be revived.

    Examples to be seen as you step down from Tower Bridge towards Conranland on the south bank of the thames.

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    john white

    Thanks Hugh. Hmmm… I wonder why the one in Venice was huge?

    Read your article in The Times. Was you wasn’t it? About the Pevsner-ish guide to Churches? I enjoyed it. I think we need something similar here. At least.


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    Rory W


    You are so right about bringing them back. I also think that someone should invent a corner in Temple Bar that Vomits back at you (That’ll teach ya for drinking too much!!!)

    RORY W

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    john white

    Is there a substance that repels vomit at speed?


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