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    Anyone know of ant events planned for Ireland?

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    There is a fairly long list of events, lectures, walking tours etc available from the RIAI. I have a one page handout from them.

    They say that they have a page on the web at with info about World Archers (sorry Architecture)Day.

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    Arse! I can’t find one… that RIAI site is a visual and organisational disaster

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    Paul Clerkin

    Actually, I cannot find anything on the RIAI site either.

    I have to admit that it’s a very uninteresting and disappointing site. And by all accounts the “members only” zone isn’t much fun either.

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    Paul Clerkin

    Fresh and hot off the HTML presses….

    Date Time Event
    5 October 6.00pm Lecture
    “Restoration of XVI Century Monuments in Oaxaca: the Convent of Santo Domingo and the Open Chapel of Tepozcolula” in the RIAI Architecture Centre, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. All Welcome. Lecture is free of charge. Sponsored by Embassy of Mexico
    3 – 16 October   ‘Irish Building of the 20th Century

    Competition open to the general public which will appear in the Sunday Tribune on 3 October. Free draw for a case of vintage champagne, Sponsored by Sunday Tribune & O’Briens Fine Wines

    8 October 1.00pm -2.00pm Lecture

    National Gallery of Ireland on the short-listed buildings selected for; ‘Irish Building of the 20th Century’ competition. All Welcome. Lecture is free charge.

    8 – 10 October 8.00pm onwards Architecture Exposed
    Photographs projected on buildings in and around Dublin City.
    7 /9 / 10 October 8.00pm Architectural Film Week

    The Irish Film Centre, Temple Bar:

    07 October 8.00pm : Metropolis

    09 October 8.00pm : Blade Runner

    10 October 8.00pm : Le Mais Pris

    All Welcome.

    9 October 11.00am A Walk-About of an Exhibition

    The Work of Grafton Architects’ in the RIAI Architecture Centre. All Welcome. Event is free of charge.

    9 October From 10.00am Architectural Walking Tours:

    Georgian Dublin

    Saturday 09 October 10.00am

    The Irish Georgian Society, 74 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

    Victorian Dublin

    Saturday 09 October 11.00 am

    Main entrance to the National Library (adjacent to Dail Eireann), Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

    Contemporary Dublin

    Saturday 09 October 12 noon.

    Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin 2.

    All Welcome. Tours are free of charge.

    9 October 2.30pm Bus Tour of Dublin

    St. Stephens Green, adjacent to Habitat.

    Bus tour by architect Sam Stephenson

    All Welcome. Tour is free of charge.

    9 October 2.00pm Lectures & Site Visit to Millennium Bridge

    by Professor Sean DeCourcy and Roger Myers of Price and Myers Structural Engineers.

    Commencing at Temple Bar Gallery. All Welcome. Event is free of charge.

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    john white

    The walking tour sounds like a great idea.


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    Cuíosach maith – go h-airaithe na scannáin. Táim ag tnuth go mór leo go fóill. Wouldn’t a brave one to include would have been “Babe 2 – pig in the city” – London, New York, Paris and Sydney all in one bite sized chew 😉

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    The Bus tour with Sam Stephenson sounds like a barrel of laughs. I think I’ll go on that.

    Rory W

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    Paul Clerkin

    That thought occurred to me as well…. interesting to hear his take on recent developments

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    Paul Clerkin

    Tours must be booked in advance by telephoning the RIAI on (01) 676 1703 or email

    Tours booked on a first-come first-served basis.

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    The shortlist for The Sunday Tribune/RIAI’s ‘Irish building of the 20th century’ is:

    a) Lambay Castle (Sir Edwin Lutyens)
    b) Busarus, Dublin (Michael Scott)
    c) Primary schools (Basil Boyd-Barrett)
    d) Bord na Mona housing (Frank Gibney)
    e) Berkeley Library, TCD (Ahrends Burton Koralek)
    f) Church of St Aengus, Burt, Co Donegal (Liam McCormick)
    g) Temple Bar
    h) Carroll’s Factory, Dundalk (Ronald Tallon, Scott Tallon Walker)
    i) Croke Park redevelopment, Dublin (Gilroy McMahon)
    j) Tourist Office and Civic Park, Limerick (Murray O’Laoire).

    Amazingly, no original/central Terminal Building at Dublin Airport, no (acknowledged) OPW projects and no ‘modern house’. . .

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    Hmmm… its really just a cross section of the buildings in that book Irish 20th Century Architecture published last year – a book which really focussed on the 60s onwards with just passing reference to previous building they just couldnt omit.

    I agree that the Airport should be included.

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    Nominate your favourite Irish building of the 20th century and/or vote at

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    A nice conclusive links section they have but no mention of Archeire!!! Why?

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    Rory W

    I think they didn’t include the original airport buiding as Aer Rianta are about to make a mess of it.

    Rory W

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    Another good film for comparative city architecture is ‘Night on Earth’, which has four taxi trips around four different cities (L.A., New York, Rome and Helsinki) in the one night.
    And it has the advantage of being rather funny as well.

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    Where are the photographs being projected on to buildings?

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    Rory W

    Did anybody else go on the “Sam and Frank show” bus tour around Dublin? I thought it was good fun, pity about the sound quality though.

    Rory W

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    Paul Clerkin

    what happened at it…. i went to the millenium bridge event instead

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    Rory W

    Well besides the fact that the bus had dreadful sound quality (Loose connections for the microphones I think). Sam Stephenson anf Frank McDonald took us on a trip around the city centre. Starting at St Stephens Green we went to Hume Street where The Battle of Hume street was described. We the went down Baggot Street (Where Sam was congratulated for designing the Horseshoe Bar) and the Corpo were laughed at by everyone when Frank said that the corpo had said that the new look Patrick street would resemble Baggot street between Fitzwilliam Street and Merrion row!! Frank then said that he was wrong about the Bank of Ireland Building in Baggot street and it was quite good in actuality.

    Going via Warrington place, we went on to Mount Street Lower and Sam reminised about his first office. Frank said that a lot of the architecture on this street was a bit “IFFY”.

    Going around Trinity and around the customs house was ok, but as the journey continued to Wellington quay it was pointed out that they had taken some of the scaffolding off sunlight chambers and everyone thought WOW its clean!

    Having had a bit of a chat about the civic offices (OK – but nothing we didn’t know already). We carried on via Heuston Station to Smithfield where we couldn’t get around because of the road bein non existant. People were shocked when they heard that the old Distillary (Where chief O’Neills etc is) was bought in 1992 for HALF A MILLION POUNDS for the full site. Duffy Bros on the other side of the square, a similar sized site 8.5 Million last year.

    Having inched our way onto North King Street and then back over to the southside we went down the Christchurch to College Green Axis where Sam started giving out about how the Bank of Ireland College Green would never be built these days and architects and their building should be judged later. He then proceded to give out about the Milennium Spire (Humbug, anyone).

    As the trip was coming to a close our two presenters seemed to be giving each other more and more niggling comments, and by the time we got back onto St Stephens Green Frank came out with the quote of the day about the KPMG Building being on the site of the old Russell Hotel which was well known for meetings of Charlie Haughey, Donough O’Malley, and Brian Lenehan … throwing in at the end “But you would know all about that wouldn’t you Sam”. Sam said everbody used to go there and it was just popular right.

    By that stage it was 4:40 pm, the Bus returned to Habitat, and I wen’t in search of Lunch.

    Tour Length 2hrs 40mins
    Your hosts were Frank and Sam
    Cost £0
    Value for money : Very Good

    I would recommend this journey next year, for anybody who wants to spend a Saturday afternoon going around town without spending money, and enjoying Dublin, just for itself.

    Rory W

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    john white

    Good man Rory!

    I had a good laugh reading that. Wish I’d been on it. Unfortunately I’m entombed in the basement of the IFSC all day.

    Well, actually just til the end of today as I’m leaving for a new job.

    I’ll miss Busaras but on a positive note – I won’t have to suffer the Ulster Bank Pile anymore.


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    Have a look at

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