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    john white

    Hi folks
    I’m about to design an Interiors website. It’s going to be very stylish – in fact that’s the primary objective. Obviously I will do my best to create a site that is specifically designed for their needs and the look will follow that but can any of you recommend really impressive looking websites that I could be aware of/be inspired by. is extremely dull if just about functional. is nice but very black and uses a lot of poorly utilised Flash technology.

    I need sites that are fresh and modern looking, a bit like the excellent archeire but with the Habitat attitude to colour!

    Hoping you can assist

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    not to sound too obvious but some web designers have excellent sites…you could look at for ages…great for a bit of graphic inspiration

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    john white

    Hi there
    Yes, but I’m trying to find good ‘Architecture/Interior Design/Style’ type sites.

    Many personal sites are either too fussy and faddish or too simplistic because of the small amount and uniformity of content contained within. I’d like to see how this particular subject is well presented and get more inside the head of what appeals to the architect and interior designer.


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    Barry Sheehan


    You could have a look at one of our sites:


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    Not much to do with architecture, but a really cool site, you need a fast connection ( dsl ) to look at it properly……in particular, the chat room is designed like a night club, and you walk up to people and talk to them, very inventive.

    and the meeting area….

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    is pretty stylish, if a bit tricky to navigate

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