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    Hi all

    I’m also interested in the Monument Creameries. I have a list of what I believe is all the branches – some confusion arises between retail, cafe, bakery & storage depots etc. as there are instances of locations where the addresses are similar/close by but seem to be genuine. For example: “The Gaiety Corner, 52 Grafton St.” where a sale of liqueurs prompted an attempted prosecution for selling alcohol without a license! This address is the third I have for Grafton St. – No. 37 was a “Creamery’ (branch), and No. 39 was a Cafe. The business also had a connection with No. 38, but it may have been an investment property rather than part of the Monument Creameries business itself. Until the liqueurs incident, I hadn’t heard about that branch, though it must have been a high profile location.

    To the anonymous commentator who said they have a photo of the Parnell St. shop – I’d love to see it, please respond if you see this post!

    Finding stuff from the “pre-information age” is a slow process! So any information about the Ryan family or the business would be gratefully received.

    For example, I believe Andrew Devane, (the D in RKD architect firm) is Kathleen Ryan’s brother-in-law.

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