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Cambridge House

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    I see that Cambridge House, the interesting Georgian in Montepellier Hill Dublin 7 is on the market.

    Some interesting pictures on my home and the other websites.

    It looks like the €300K they are asking would only be a fraction of the total outlay given the condition particularly what looks like a victorian annex that is literally falling off the side of the orginal house

    Has anyone go any more information other than whats on wikipedia bout the house it looks to have had some interesting history!



    Yes it was on view today. The usual cohort of north Offaly swarming over it apparently. Being sold by the Caseys, the long-term owners.

    It is a spectacular house – quite unique in the Dublin context, and an intriguing proposition for anyone with deep enough pockets to take it on.

    Eoin O’Neill’s – the estate agent – blurb on the house has to be one of the more honest, if utterly typical of the property class, I’ve seen in recent years. Essentially: “We can’t be bothered marketing this. If you’re mad enough to take on a: 1. listed property, 2. that needs work, 3. located north of the Liffey – you can have it. Ideally one of yez conservationist irritants.”

    At least the dearth of sophistication in the Dublin market puts properties of such majesty and rarity value into arms’ reach for combined middle incomes.



    Was interesting to see the internal shots of this – a friend lives across the street and I walked past Cambridge House, several times a week for years, and it always intrigued me.

    Did it sell?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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