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    Anyone know this building in Portobello?

    It;s part of a lovely old row of shops on Lennox street and I’ve always been fascinated by it’s old world make up.

    Anyway, I pass it every day and would love to be able to bore my companions with some info on it.

    Anyone help?



    I know it well, and have often wondered about it too, particularly that unusual sheeting on the top floor- looks a bit like an old iron water-tank (though obviously isn’t- who’d glaze over one?!). The whole area is fascinating for having a few former shops like this one converted to full residential use- gives a feel for the time when ‘just popping around the corner to the shop’ wasn’t just a figure of speech, and when there was a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker around those corners, rather than a takeaway and an off-licence.
    But I can’t answer your question, I’m afraid- just taking the opportunity to remember when I lived not too far away from there.
    Has it recently had a facelift? Don’t remember the windows being casement, and I thought there was a name on the fascia above the shopfront (though I could be thinking of a neighbouring building- a graphics shop springs to mind…?).



    I think it may have had a light facelift, but I didn’t see them do it!!…

    Here’s the row.. Still in varied commercial use thankfully


    Paul Clerkin

    a lovely quiet corner of the city



    Indeed, it’s strange to walk off the bustling main streets here and suddenly find yourself on quiet little residential roads, all of warm mellowed brick and little green lampposts :)

    That looks like part of a railway bridge tacked on to that shop! The owner would probably have a great story of intrigue and scandal to tell about it if you asked nicely Punchbowl.
    Lovely terrace of shops and display windows – pity about those upstairs.



    One suspects Paul Arnold’s influence



    How do you mean, TP?

    Also, Paul, I thought you were going to have the answers. Bah!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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