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South Anne Street

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    what does anyone think about the fact that Dublin Corporation are approving of a ‘development’ at 21-6 South Anne Street (incl. mansard roof) despite An Bord Pleanala advising against it. It is to be designed by whoever did the Stephen’s Green Centre, ‘architecture’ as 10 year oldwho has watched the video of their first communion edited into Gone with the Wind so often its a fetish……..sorry, lost it there a bit, but what are they thinking? South Anne Street is grand. Dublin is too small to lose such a streetscape: I would rather see the Customs |House disappear. It is the warp and weave and pattern that matters just as much as monuments…..

    what does anyone think?


    Paul Clerkin

    I thing it’s a disgrace – South Anne Street is very unusual in that there is little visual continuation between much of the buildings but this is what makes it interesting – no a vast monolithic reproduction.


    john white

    Is the planning department totally corrupt or incompetent or what?



    john white

    Did you know that a County Planner can NOT
    be sacked? He has total infallibility.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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