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Irish History

14 February 2014

Patrick Scott on Michael Scott & Busaras

Interviewed at his home on 9 October 1995. The Bus Station was designed by a group of us who were in college in UCD from 1939 to 1944. We had no professor during...

22 January 2010

Development of Dublin City

The Medieval City The celtic road network that existed in Ireland prior to the arrival of the vikings had its nexus at the Ford of Hurdles over the Liffey. These celtic routes formed...

19 January 2010

Kilkenny Street Names

Butts Green Receives its name from the fact that the citizens practised archery at “Butts” on the green. Chapel Lane At one time the old James’ Street chapel (built between 1772 and 1774),...

20 December 2007

Dublin Street Names

Introduction to the derivation of the streetnames of Dublin. For more details, see’s book “Dublin Street Names” available at A | B | C | D | E | F |...