1871 – Corporation Gas Showroom, Queen Street, Belfast

Architect: William Hastings

Standing beside the former Children’s Hospital and equally derelict today, but in this photo from the 1930s,

1964 – General Accident Insurance, South Mall, Cork

Architect: Frank Murphy

Restrained piece of infill on South Mall.

1949 – Jennings Soda Water Factory, Watercourse Road, Cork

Architect: Frank Murphy

Former factory built for the Jennings family who moved their factory from Browne Street in the city centre.

1947 – The Submarine Bar, Crumlin, Dublin

Architect: T.P. Kennedy and Dermot O’Toole

Opened as Mills, later known as The Submarine Bar. Originally the structure included accommodation for the publican.

1938 – Unbuilt Proposal for Public Baths, Dun Laoghaire

Architect: J.R. Boyd Barrett

Unbuilt competition winning design for a Lido-style recreational pool at Dun Laoghaire.

1964 – Irish Distillers Bottling Plant, North Mall, Cork

Architect: Frank Murphy

Constructed as a bottling and storage facility by Cork Distillers Co., which was used by Irish Distillers until 2007.

1954 – Presentation Sisters Convent, Ballyphehane, Cork

Architect: Frank Murphy

Fine 1950s convent complex still largely intact. The main architectural feature being the nuns small chapel which is expressed externally in the massing and with its large stained glass window clearly visible,

1936 – Leinster Cinema, Dolphins Barn, Dublin

Architect: Robinson & Keefe

Opened late 1936 and was designed to seat 1250 patrons. Opened by the Lord Mayor Alfie Byrne,

1870s – Arnott’s, Henry Street, Dublin

Architect: G.P Beater

Like others of the Dublin department stores of its era, the original Arnott’s started life as a brick faced building that was later extended and stuccoed over to present a consistent facade.

1870s – Benn Hospital, Clifton Street, Belfast

On the corner of Glenravel and Clifton Streets in Belfast, and constructed as a Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital, but known after its benefactors George and Edward Benn.