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04 September 2009

1558 – Kirtling Hall, Cambridgeshire

Architect: Francis Adams Kirtling Towers is all that now remains of the ancient Kirtling Hall, originally built about the reign of Henry VI but the main part of the building was pulled down...

03 September 2009

1884 – Two Houses, St. James’s Park, London

Architects: Isaacs & Florence

03 September 2009

1884 – Easton Lodge, Great Dunmow, Essex

Architect: William Young

03 September 2009

1885 – Beckenham Public Hall, Kent

Architect: George Vigers The design for the building was commissioned by the Beckenham Public Hall Company from the architect George Vigers of Old Jewry. The chairman M.J. Sturges and the Hon. Secretary Alfred...

03 September 2009

Belfast firm wins mag’s ‘Carbuncle Cup’

Belfast-based Hamilton Architects has won Building Design magazine’s “Carbuncle Cup” for the new Ferry Terminal in Liverpool, which the adjudicators said was “like letting a bad second-year student build next to St Peter’s”...

03 September 2009

Carlisle Pier pressure

Nothing happens quickly in stately Dún Laoghaire, so it came as a surprise when this week the Harbour Board did what it said it would do in July, and started pulling down the...

03 September 2009

1385 – Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Prague, Czech Republic

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn (Tà½nskའChrám) dominates one side of the Old Town Square. The spires of this powerful looking Gothic church (with a Baroque interior) can be seen from...

03 September 2009

1338 – Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

The Old Town’s ancient town hall was established in 1338 after the agreement of King John of Luxemburg to set up a town council. A Gothic chapel and a neo-Gothic north wing were...

03 September 2009

1906 – Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic

Architect: Wilhelm Stiassny The Jerusalem Synagogue, while not located in the Jewish Quarter, was built in 1906 in New Town and has also been called the Jubilee Synagogue.