1875 – The Coffee Palace, Townsend Street, Dublin

Architect: Frederick Morley

The Coffee Palace was run by the Dublin Total Abstinence Society. It included hotel accommodation, coffee booths,

1880 – Design for Cottage, Co. Dublin

Architect: William Kaye-Parry

“OUR illustration is a perspective view of a half timbered cottage, designed some years ago by Mr.

1882 – Cottages, Downhill, Co. Derry

Architect: F.H. Godwin

Known as the Twelve Apostles, and situated just behind the Tunnel Brae carpark, these were old labourers cottages.

1882 – McHugh’s Drapery, Rosemary Street, Belfast

Architect: Alexander Macalister

Large drapery store, now demolished, B & E McHugh. Macalister was responsible for alterations including extension,

1881 – Munce’s, 11-17 Cornmarket, Belfast

Architect: Thomas Jackson and Sons

Demolished circa 1980 by which time it had acquired an extra storey. Replaced by a poor commercial building also in brick which attempted to mimic the rhythm of the windows in the original.

1878 – Houses, College Gardens, Belfast

Architect: William Batt

“This terrace has just been completed, and occupies a very fine position on a private avenue in front of the Wesleyan College.

1881 – Design for principal entrance to a demense

Architect: W.I. Chambers

“Our illustration in this number represents a design for a principal entrance to a very large demesne,

1881 – Proposal for Chapel, St. Joseph’s Convent, Kilkenny

Architect: Henry Brett & Sons

“We give as illustration with present issue, the design for west elevation of the proposed Convent Chapel,

10th C. – Round Tower, Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway

An unusual round tower with several unique features – the doorway is extremely high off the ground; there is a number of windows around the top;

12th C. – Round Tower, Kildare, Co. Kildare

The 32-m (round tower in Kildare is the second tallest in Ireland. The tower was most likely rebuilt in the 12th century onto the granite block foundation of the original structure dating from the sixth or seventh century.