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24 June 2010

1863 – Clocktower, Bethnal Green, London

Architect: H.A. Darbishire “This clock-tower has been built by Miss Burdett Coutts, for the convenience of the tenants of Columbia Square. It is situate in the centre of the quadrangle, and contains a...

24 June 2010

1863 – Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth, Devon

Architect: C.F. Hayward “The building of which we give illustrations (to be called ” The Duke of Cornwall Hotel”) is about to be erected at Plymouth, for the Plymouth Hotel Company, on a...

24 June 2010

1863 – Dunsdale, Westerham, Kent

Architect: Prof. Kerr “Dunsdale is the residence of Mr. Joseph Kitchin, and is situate close to the village of Westerham, in Kent. The house occupies a picturesque eminence, surrounded by pleasure grounds of...

24 June 2010

1863 – Opera House, Valletta, Malta

Architect: Edward Middleton Barry “The new Opera House at Malta is one of several important public works for the embellishment and improvement of the island which have marked the rule of the present...

24 June 2010

1863 – Union Bank, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Architect: C.P. Thomas “The new Union Bank Building, which has been lately erected at the corner of Hollis and Prince Streets, has two fronts in the Wallace free-stone; that in Hollis-street being 40...

24 June 2010

1863 – House, Halifax, Yorkshire

Architect: Alfred Smith “This mansion was erected some time ago for Mr. John Croasley, at Manor Heath, about a mile from the town of Halifax, Yorkshire, from the designs and under the superintendence...

24 June 2010

1863 – The Dalhousie Institute, Kolkata, India

Architect: C.Q. Wray “In our last volume we mentioned that the first premium (300?.) had been awarded to Mr. C.Q. Wray, architect, for his design for the Dalhousie Institute. We now give illustrations...

24 June 2010

1863 – New Chapel, St. John’s College, Cambridge

Architect: George Gilbert Scott “The new building which is about to supersede the present chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge, and of which our illustration presents the approved design, by Mr. G. G....

07 April 2010

1863 – No. 60 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin

Architect: William G. Murray Built as the Colonial Insurance Company in 1863, this office building has a fine streetlevel stone facade unfortunately painted in rather garish colours. An exercise in Ruskinian gothic, the...

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