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13 May 2013

1872 – No. 36 Piccadilly, London

Architect: George & Vaughan Published in The Building News, July 19 1872: “IN our review of the International Exhibition we noticed as follows the high character of design and draughtsmanship reached by Messrs....

01 May 2013

1872 – Villa, Brough, Yorkshire

Architect: J. King James Published in The Building News, December 6 1872: “THE material used is concrete, worked with Drake’s patent wrought-iron apparatus. The proportions of gravel and concrete for the foundations (which...

30 April 2013

1872 – Design for St. Annes Heath Asylum, Surrey

Architect: E.W. Godwin From The Building News, August 23 1872: “”Mens.” — The elevations of this design are treated in a clever and artistic manner The centre block, with a bold and picturesque...

16 April 2013

1872 – Design for English Church in Rome

Architect: George Edmund Street Published in The Building News, May 24, 1872: “THE Church proposed to be built for the English congregation in Rome was designed by Mr. G. E. Street, for a...

16 April 2013

1872 – Proposing a Grand Central Station for Dublin

From The Building News, January 12 1872: “LONDON has not a central station, and what London can do without (says the Railway News) can scarcely be an absolute necessity in Dublin; nevertheless, we...

24 March 2013

1872 – Grim’s Dyke, Harrow Weald, Kent

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw Grim’s Dyke (sometimes called Graeme’s Dyke until late 1891) was built in 1872 by Norman Shaw, and named after the nearby pre-historic earthwork known as Grim’s Ditch. The house...

21 March 2013

1872 – House at Brucon Street, Boston, Massachusetts

Architect: Crace & Van Brunt Front & Side Elevation published in The Building News, March 22nd 1872: “Theresis insufficient repose in the United to expect much good art either in anything else. The...

16 March 2013

1872 – All Saints Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Architect: George Gilbert Scott Sometimes referred to as the “cathedral” of the Island, overlooking the Solent, built to a decorated gothic design by Sir Gilbert Scott in the 1870s. The foundation stone was...

14 March 2013

1872 – House, Bexley, Kent

Architect: Robert W. Edis Perspective View With Plan published in The Building News, March 15th 1872. “The small half-timbered house, of which we this week give plans and view, has lately been erected...

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