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16 July 2009

1875 – Spring Bank, Haverstock Hill, London

Architect: J.M. Brydon

16 July 2009

1875 – Board Of Works Offices, Greenwich, London

Architect: W.C. Brangwyn Greenwich was a local government district within the metropolitan area of London, England from 1855 to 1900. It was formed by the Metropolis Management Act 1855 and was governed by...

16 July 2009

1875 – Houses, Upper Berkeley Street, London

Architect: T.H. Wyatt Unconstructed design for terrace of houses on Berkely Street in London.

13 July 2009

1875 – Pair of Villas at Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: William Morley Perspective including ground plan published in The Building Newsm, October 15th 1875.

13 July 2009

1875 – Warehouse, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: George Corson Perspective View published in The Building News, September 3rd 1875.

13 July 2009

1875 – Church of St. Paul, Oldham Road, Manchester, Lancashire

Architect: Asahel P. Bell

07 July 2009

1875 – Proposed Restoration St. James’s Church, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Architect: R.J. Withers In 1586, St. James’ became the parish church of Grimsby, after John Whitgift united the parishes of St. James’ and St. Mary’s, the parish church of the latter having been...

03 July 2009

1875 – Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architect: A. Griffith Colpoys & Arthur H. Baker Competitive Design including ground plans published in The Building News, December 10th 1875.

01 July 2009

1875 – St. Peters Church, Brighton, Sussex

Architect: Charles Barry / George Somers Clarke The church was orginally built from 1824-28 to a design by Sir Charles Barry, then only in his mid-twenties. It was built in an approximation of...