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26 July 2010

1875 – Design for Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architects: Jeffery & Skiller / Cross & Wells Front Perspective View including ground & 1st floor plans published in The Building News, November 3rd 1876.

21 June 2010

1875 – Villa for Baron S. St.Trivier, Lyon, France

Architect: T.T. Smith Published in The Building News, January 22nd 1875.

21 June 2010

1875 – House at Mill Hill, London

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Perspective View including plans as published in The Building News June 18th 1875.

15 June 2010

1875 – Addicombe Road Church, Croydon, Surrey

Architects: Thomas Porter & Aston Webb Published in The Building News, May 28th 1875.

15 June 2010

1875 – Proposed House at Golders Hill, London

Architect: E.F.C. Clarke Proposed House at Golders Hill on the Estate of Spencer Wells esq. published in The Building News, April 2nd 1875.

15 June 2010

1875 – Houses at Streatham Common, London

Architect: E. Guy Dawber Perspective view including plan published in The Building News, July 14th 1893.

15 June 2010

1875 – Wykehurst Place, Bolney, Sussex

Architect: Edward Middleton Barry A large Gothic Revival mansion resembling more the châteaux of the Loire than an English manor house. It was designed in 1871 by architect Edward Middleton Barry for the...

11 March 2010

1875 – Convent of the Assumption, Kensington Square, London

Architect: Goldie & Child Designed and built between 1870 and 1875 by George Goldie of Goldie & Child, this convent church is still in use today by the order who commissioned it.

11 March 2010

1875 – Town Hall, Chorley, Lancashire

Architect: John Ladds & W.H. Powell A local landmark which has recently been restored. It includes a magnificent ballroom – known as the Lancastrian.