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10 August 2009

1876 – Southwood Lawn Estate, Highgate, London

Architect: Fred Chancellor

10 August 2009

1876 – St. Peters Church, Repps cum Bastwick, Norfolk

Architect: W. Scott Champion Published as “about to be restored” in The Building News, November 3rd 1876.

10 August 2009

1876 – Double Cottage at Wolferton, Norfolk

Architect: Charles S. Beck

27 July 2009

1876 – Proposed New Divinity Schools, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Architect: Arthur W. Blomfield Competition entry published in The Building News, December 29 1876.

27 July 2009

1876 – Nottingham Educational Buildings, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Richard Gane Design published in The Building News, December 15 1876.

16 July 2009

1876 – New Schools, Greenwich, London

Architect: Robert Walker Perspective View & Plan published in The Building News, December 1st 1876. An unsuccessful entry to design a school for the governors of Roan’s Charity Greenwich. Invited were six selected...

16 July 2009

1876 – St. Matthews Mission House, Westminster, London

Architect: Ernest Lee Perspective view published in The Building News, August 11th 1876. Demolished.

16 July 2009

1876 – St. Georges Church, Tufnell Park, London

Architect: George Trufitt The design of the former St. Georges Church in Tufnell Park Road is based on a medieval church in Salonica. In the 1970’s the church was sold and a new...

16 July 2009

1876 – House, Roupell Park Estate, London

Architect: E.C. Robins

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