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01 November 2012

1879 – Burdett-Coutts Memorial Sundial, St. Pancras Gardens, London

Architect: George Highton This memorial sundial, which is a Grade II listed structure, was unveiled in 1879 by Baroness Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906), a great Victorian philanthropist who sought to rid London of its slums.It...

03 October 2012

1879 – Round & Green’s Bank, Colchester, Essex

Architect: Ernest C. Lee A small independent banking house, in operation since the 1820s. In 1891, it (as Round, Green, Hoare, & Co.) merged with Gurney’s of Norwish, and was inturn taken over...

27 August 2012

1879 – New Shops, Offices & Warehouses, Aldersgate, London

Architect: George Vickery Published in The Building News, December 26th 1879. “We illustrate this week a block of buildings now in course of erection on a portion of the site of the so-called...

19 July 2012

1879 – Bank Premises, Sudbury, Suffolk

Architect: Brightwen Binyon New bank branch for Messrs. Alexander, Birbeck, Barclay & Buxton. Perspective including ground floor plans published in The Building News, August 8th 1879. “his building is now in course of...

19 July 2012

1879 – Anderton’s Hotel, Fleet Street, London

Architect: Ford & Hesketh Front elevation published in The Building News, December 12th 1879. From a description published in July 1879: “A more important structure is now nearly completed in the same style...

19 July 2012

1879 – Warehouses, Devonshire Street, London

Architect: W. West Neve Perspective view for E. Farmer esq., published in The Building News, July 18th 1879. “The drawing of these warehouses in Devonshire Street, which have been erected for Mr. E....

19 July 2012

1879 – No’s.12 & 14, Old Street, St. Lukes, London

Architect: Rowland Plumbe Published in The Building News, August 29th 1879.

17 July 2012

1879 – House at Surbiton, Surrey

Architect: Rowland Plumbe Perspective including ground plans & 1st floor plans as published The Building News, January 17th 1879. “W 2this week illustrate a design by Mr. Rowland Plumbe, architect, of Fitzroy-square, for...

03 July 2012

1879 – Fittings, St. George’s Cathedral, Southwark, London

Architect: Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin / Herbert Gribble St.George’s is the Roman Catholic cathedral in the Archdiocese of Southwark, south London. Opened in 1848, it was designed by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. Pugin...

02 July 2012

1879 – Messrs. Alexander Pirie’s New Premises, Farringdon St., London

Architect: George Vickery Published in The Building News, July 11th 1879. According to The Builder: “The warehouse referred to is to be occupied by Messrs. Alexander Pirie & Sons, of Aberdeen and London,...