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12 November 2010

1879 – Lych Gate, St.Peters Church, Carmarthen, Wales

Architect: F.E. Jones Accepted design by F.E. Jones & 2nd place design by J.M. Brooks. St. Peter’s Church is the largest Parish Church in Wales and also has the longest nave being 60...

12 November 2010

1879 – New Town Hall, Loftus, Yorkshire

Architect: E.R. Robson Perspective view and ground plan published in The Building News, May 30th 1879. Loftus Town Hall was built by the Earl of Zetland, erected by Mr Thomas Dickenson of Saltburn,...

10 November 2010

1879 – The Hertford British Hospital, Paris, France

Architect: Paul-Ernest Sanson Front Elevation to Rue de Villiers & small ground plan published in The Building News, May 16th 1879. The Hertford British Hospital was founded in 1871 by Sir Richard Wallace...

05 October 2010

1879 – Mansion with Studio & Stables, Thames Embankment, Chelsea, London

Architect: Richard Phene Spiers Designed for the right hon. Sir. Robert Collier, and published in The Building News, June 27th 1879.

14 September 2010

1879 – Cadogan Terrace, London

Architect: Robert Keirle Built at Cadogan & Han’s Place, and published in The Building News, September 26th 1879. “We have before given various illustrations of mansions being erected on the Cadogan and Hans-place...

09 September 2010

1879 – Villa Residence, Ascot, Berkshire

Architect: R. Adolphus Gane Designed for J. Ashby esq. and published in The Building News, August 8th 1879. “This house, which occupies a very fine position overlooking the race-course at Ascot, contains :...

25 August 2010

1879 – The Tabard Inn & Stores, Bedford Park, London

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw A public house, housing and commercial units designed for Bedford Park, the planned garden suburb. As estate architect from 1877-79, it was Shaw who set the predominant style of...

11 August 2010

1879 – Leadenhall House, Nos. 99-103 Leadenhall Street, London

Architect: J. Lewis Holmes Published in The Building News, September 26th 1879. “The facade, which is in the Renaissance style, is remarkable for the large quantity of red polished granite which is used...

04 August 2010

1878 – St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York

Architect: James Renwick Jr. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest decorated gothic Catholic Cathedral in North America. In 1850 Archbishop John Joseph Hughes announced his intention to erect a new cathedral to replace...