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21 September 2009

1883 – Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Architect: John Augustus Roebling The Brooklyn Bridge (originally the New York and Brooklyn Bridge) is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, and stretches 5,989 feet over the East River...

17 September 2009

1883 – Mineral Water Manufactory, William Street South, Belfast

Architect: Robert Watt Former Ross’s mineral water factory, Belfast Using its own artesian well, Ross’s produced mineral waters at William Street South for almost 100 years until the mid 1970’s. The premises lay...

13 September 2009

1883 – House, Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: Ernest Newton Published in The Building News, July 20th 1883.

13 September 2009

1883 – Llandrindod Rectory, Wales

Architect: Stephen W. Williams

12 September 2009

1883 – English Church, Tarasp, Engadin, Switzerland

Architect: Ernest George & Peto

11 September 2009

1883 – Artisans Dwellings, Plymouth, Devon

Architect: Herbert Gribble Perspective published in The Building News, July 27th 1883.

05 September 2009

1883 – The Tivoli Restaurant, Strand, London

Architect: Henry Ough Published in The Building News, December 7th 1883.

15 August 2009

1883 – St. James’s Church, Forest Hill, London

Architect: James Tolley

13 August 2009

1883 – 54 Finsbury Pavement, Islington, London

Architect: Edwin T. Hall Edwin Thomas Hall was born in 1851, the son of George Hall, and commenced independent practice in London in 1876. His brother George Alfred Hall (1859) also became an...