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19 June 2009

1884 – New Parliament, Vienna, Austria

Architect: Baron Theophil Edvard von Hansen An Imperial Commission was appointed to study the building of the Parliament in the early 1860s. After studying rival proposals, the Imperial Commission chose Theophil von Hansen’s...

16 June 2009

1884 – Wirral Childrens Hospital, Birkenhead, Cheshire

Architect: John E. Clarke Perspective View from Whitchurch Road. Published in The Builder, April 5th 1884.

16 June 2009

1884 – House at Oxton, Cheshire

Architect: George Smith Published in The Building News, August 29th 1884.

16 June 2009

1884 – Wellington Church, Glasgow

Architect: Thomas Lennox Watson The exterior of Wellington Church is notable for its magnificent neoclassical portico, complete with a colonnade of Corinthian columns. This neoclassical architecture was much favoured by United Presbyterian Church...

11 June 2009

1884 – Home of Refuge, Cape Town, South Africa

Architect: Maurice B. Adams Proposed new Home of Refuge for the Lord Bishop of Cape Town, perspective view including Ground & 1st Floor Plans published in The Building News, November 28th 1884.

09 June 2009

1884 – ‘Fingarry’, Milton of Camsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Architect: John B. Wilson

09 June 2009

1884 – Northern Assurance Company, Dundee, Scotland

Architect: James Maclaren & Son Published in The Building News, February 29th 1884.

09 June 2009

1884 – Hall & Staircase, Melvin House, Edinburgh

Architect: Sydney Mitchell Part of a terrace in the west end of the New Town, Melvin House was built in 1883 by Sidney Mitchell for John Ritchie Findley, founder of “The Scotsman” newspaper....

08 June 2009

1884 – House at Colwyn Bay