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03 December 2010

1886 – New Vestry Hall & Offices, Fulham, London

Architect: George Edwards Selected design published in The Building News, October 15th 1886.

15 November 2010

1886 – Hazell Watson & Vineys Printing Works, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Architect: Paxton H. Watson Perspective View & Plan published in The Building News, September 24th 1886.

08 November 2010

1886- Holy Trinity Church, Edale, Derbyshire

Architect: William Dawes Interior view looking east published in The Architect, March 23th 1888. The Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity was designed by architect William Dawes, built during 1885-6, and completed...

21 October 2010

1886 – St.John’s Free & Open Church, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Architect: C. Gordon Killmister & R.A. Briggs Perspective View including ground floor plan published in The Building News, September 5th 1886.

21 October 2010

1886 – Business Premises, Long Acre, London

Architect: W. Seckham Witherington Front Perspective publushed in The Architect ~ January 27th 1887.

21 October 2010

1886 – Working Boy’s Home, Deritend, Birmingham

Architect: E.J. Yates Designed for for the Rev. A. Clifton Mogg,and published in The Architect, December 30th 1887.

20 October 2010

1886 – New Hotel de Ville, Neuilly, Paris, France

Architect: M. Andre Perspective View published in The Architect, January 2nd 1886. Largely complete as designed except for the small tower.

15 September 2010

1886 – Bourton-on-the-Water Church, Gloucestershire

Architect: T.G. Jackson Once the site of a Norman church, but this was demolished in 1784 and the present one was built on the site. This church was designed by William Marshall, a...

03 September 2010

1886 – Nun’s Acre, Goring on Thames, Oxfordshire

Architect: Percy G. Stone Perspective view plan & Detail of stained glass “Monkeys” published in The Building News, July 23rd 1886. The monkeys are: “A Scientific Professor – Professional Monkey”; “The City Gentleman...