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23 June 2010

1886 – Cooperative Society Warehouses & Offices, Newcastle upon Tyne

Architect: Oliver & Leeson Front Elevation including plans as published in The Building News. September 3rd 1886.

23 June 2010

1886 – Abbeystead, Wyresdale, Lancashire

Architect: Douglas & Fordham Designed for the 4th Earl of Sefton and published in The Building News, July 9th 1886. The partnership of Douglas & Fordham designed the house and it has been...

15 June 2010

1886 – Home for Waifs & Strays, Meanwood, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Chorley & Cannon Perspective view published in The Building News, October 8th 1886.

15 June 2010

1886 – Public Library & Museum, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Brightwen Binyon Selected Design. Perspective view & plans as published in The Building News July 16th 1886.

10 June 2010

1886 – Malt Store, St. James’s Gate, Dublin

Architect: Robert Worthington

09 June 2010

1886 – Dollard House, Wellington Quay, Dublin

Fronting onto the quays, the former Dollard’s Printworks is now offices. Sited close to the site of the original Custom House by Thomas Burgh, the design with its arched entrances and dormer windows...

31 May 2010

1886 – Warehouses on the fomer site of St. Paul’s Schools, London

Architect: Delissa Joseph & Frederick Hemings Warehouses on the fomer site of St. Paul’s Schools and St.Paul’s Churchyard. North Wing & Centre Block by Delissa Joseph. South Wing by Frederick Hemings. Published in...

31 May 2010

1886 – Wandsworth & Clapham Union Dispensary & Relief Station, Battersea, London

Architect: Thomas W. Aldwinckle Rear Perspective View Birds Eye View, including Plans published in The Building News, August 20th 1886.

31 May 2010

1886 – St. John’s Church, Hampstead, London

Architect: T.G. Jackson New Choir Stalls, Organ Case & Painted Decorations by T.G. Jackson. Published in The Building News, December 17th 1886.