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03 July 2012

1891 – No.40 Wigmore Street, London

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Front Elevation published in The Building News, July 3rd 1891. Ground floor now hosts a Gaggenau Showroom.

11 June 2012

1891 – St. Peters Church, Norton-on-Derwent, Yorkshire

Architect: C. Hodgson Fowler Published in The Building News, December 30th 1887. Constructed largely as illustrated between 1889-91.

06 July 2011

1891 – High School for Girls, Blackburn, Yorkshire

Architect: Stones & Gradwell Published in the American Architect and Building News, June 6, 1891.

24 January 2011

1891 – Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Ontario

Architect: William Stewart Short-lived and eccentric building, opened in 1891 and destroyed by fire in 1915.

22 July 2010

1891 – South Kensington Museum Competition, London

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Perspective view including plans published in The Building News, August 21st 1891.

25 June 2010

1891 – Kittredge Building, Denver

Architect: A. Morris Stuckert The Kittredge Building features a facade clad in native granite and rhyolite and was one of the first elevator buildings in the downtown area. Completed in 1891, the Kittredge...

21 June 2010

1891 – Semi Detatched Houses, Adelaide Park, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Architect: F. Edward Ward A pair of houses designed for his father and another relative described as being in the ‘English Domestic Revival’ style. Perspective with longitudinal section, ground & 1st floor plans...

11 June 2010

1891 – St. Michan’s Church, Halston Street, Dublin

Architect: G.C. Ashlin G.C. Ashlin rebuilt St. Michan’s Roman Catholic church, which was originally built on Anne Street North, in 1891 with a new fa├žade and tower on Halston Street. Described in 1837...

03 May 2010

1891 – Staircase at Gosford House, East Lothian, Scotland

Architect: William Young Published in The Building News, August 12th 1887.