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23 January 2012

1893 – Cottages at Thornton Hough, Cheshire

Architect: Grayson & Ould Designed for W.H. Lever esq., with perspective view & plans published in The Building News on July 28th 1893.

22 November 2010

1893 – “Chartfield”, Putney Heath, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber Designed for for H.J. Peacock esq. and published in The Building News, June 30th 1893.

10 August 2010

1893 – Artisans Dwellings, Salford, Manchester

Architect: Walter R. Sharp First premiated design for County Borough of Salford. Rear elevation & general front view including ground & 2nd floor plans as published in The Building News, July 14th 1893.

20 July 2010

1893 – “Edinscourt”, Disley, Cheshire

Architect: John Brooke Front perspective view including plan published in The Building News, October 13th 1893.

13 July 2010

1893 – Canons House, The Precincts, Canterbury, Kent

Architect: Charles R. Baker King Front perspective view published in The Building News, March 24th 1893.

23 June 2010

1893 – St. Dunstan’s House, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber Front Perspective View as published in The Building News, August 4th 1893.

29 May 2010

1893 – House at Hale, Cheshire

Architect: Goldsmith & Son Perspective View & small plan, published in The Building News, March 10th 1893.

04 May 2010

1893 – Five Houses, Cambridge House Estate, York

Architect: Arthur S. Jones Published in The Building News November 3rd 1893.

27 April 2010

1893 – Peck Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: Charles H. Wheeler / John D. Atchison This warehouse was built in 1893, for clothing manufacterer and importer, John W. Peck. Designed by Charles H. Wheeler, it is located on the corner...