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12 April 2012

1893 – Unbuilt adaptations to Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin

Architect: John L. Robinson Incomplete scheme that added a chapel and wards to the earlier building by John Bourke of 1861. The scheme included a tower on the main block, possibly to emulate...

11 March 2012

1893 – Design for Brooklyn Insitute of Arts and Sciences, New York

Architect: McKim, Mead & White Uncompleted design for the Brooklyn Insitute of Arts and Sciences. The original design of the new museum building was meant to house educational and research activities in addition...

15 February 2012

1893 – High Peak House, Kenyon, Cheshire

Architect: Bradshaw & Gass Published in The Building News, October 20th 1893.

24 January 2012

1893 – Post Office, Hamilton, Ontario

Architect: Demolished 1930

23 January 2012

1893 – Cottages at Thornton Hough, Cheshire

Architect: Grayson & Ould Designed for W.H. Lever esq., with perspective view & plans published in The Building News on July 28th 1893.

22 November 2010

1893 – “Chartfield”, Putney Heath, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber Designed for for H.J. Peacock esq. and published in The Building News, June 30th 1893.

10 August 2010

1893 – Artisans Dwellings, Salford, Manchester

Architect: Walter R. Sharp First premiated design for County Borough of Salford. Rear elevation & general front view including ground & 2nd floor plans as published in The Building News, July 14th 1893.

20 July 2010

1893 – “Edinscourt”, Disley, Cheshire

Architect: John Brooke Front perspective view including plan published in The Building News, October 13th 1893.

13 July 2010

1893 – Canons House, The Precincts, Canterbury, Kent

Architect: Charles R. Baker King Front perspective view published in The Building News, March 24th 1893.

23 June 2010

1893 – St. Dunstan’s House, London

Architect: Wimperis & Arber Front Perspective View as published in The Building News, August 4th 1893.