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13 February 2012

1897 – National Press Agency, Carmelite St., London

Architect: Edwin T. Hall Still standing today, a fine Victorian office building finished in redbrick with sandstone trimmings. Published in The Builder, January 16 1897.

23 January 2012

1897 – Municipal Lodging House for Men, Aberdeen, Scotland

Architect: Marshall & Dick Perspective view & plans published in The Building News, April 9th 1897. Marshall formed a partnership with Robert Burns Dick in 1895 and the year after they won the...

18 January 2012

1897 – Stamford, Spalding & Boston Bank, Northampton

Architect: Charles Dorman The Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Company came into being as a joint-stock bank in 1880. It issued notes until 1907 and in 1911 became part of Barclays Bank. Published...

10 January 2012

1897 – Bonded Warehouse, 44 Washington St., Glasgow, Scotland

Architect: A.V. Gardner Built between 1896 and 1907 and at that time was claimed to be the biggest bonded warehouse in the world. It is actually two buildings by different architects. The north...

17 July 2011

1897 – Hogg and Mitchell Shirt Factory, Derry, Co. Derry

Architect: William Barker

06 July 2011

1897 – Bellefontaine, Lenox, Massachusetts

Architect: Carrere & Hastings Designed by Carrere & Hastings, the house was built in 1897 for Giraud Foster. From a 1912 postcard.

13 February 2011

1897 – Residential Flats, Green St., London

Architect: H.S. Legg Design for Residential Flats. Published in The Builder, March 27 1897.

13 February 2011

1897 – Bush Lane House, Cannon St., London

Architect: Delissa Joseph Demolished.

04 October 2010

1897 – Leng Memorial Chapel, St. Andrews, Scotland

Architect: Thomas Martin Cappon The Leng Memorial Chapel was constructed around 1895-97 on a dramatic hill-top site with magnificent views by Sir John Leng as a memorial to his first wife, Lady Leng....