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16 June 2009

1903 – Willow Tea Rooms, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Architect: Charles Rennie Mackintosh In 1903, Mackintosh got the commision to design new tearooms in Sauchiehall Street in 1903. He had previously undertaken some interior design for the client Miss Cranston. For the...

12 June 2009

1903 – Inland Revenue Offices, Reading, Berkshire

Architect: Hoare & Wheeler

12 June 2009

1903 – Upton Cottage, Slough, Berkshire

Architect: W. Hargreave Raffles

12 June 2009

1903 – Cottages at Cookham, Berkshire

Architect: Edward Hyde & Son

12 June 2009

1903 – Free Library, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Architect: Blangy & Van Baars Elevations, section, plans & details published in The Building News, August 28th 1903. Described: “This design was awarded the first premium by Mr. Edward W. Mountford FRIBA, eighty-six...

12 June 2009

1903 – Bedford County Hospital, Bedfordshire

Architect: H. Percy Adams Detail of Entrance Front published in The Building News, September 18th 1903.

09 June 2009

1903 – Maryhill Library, Glasgow

Architect: James R. Rhind

09 June 2009

1903 – Kings Park School, Dalkeith , Scotland

Architect: Thomas T. Paterson

09 June 2009

1903 – Beacon Tower, Tulla Hill, Cortachy, Scotland

Architect: T. Martin Cappon “The laying of the memorial stone took place on Saturday of the massive tower which has been in course of erection on Tulloch Hill, Cortachy for some months, to...