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17 September 2009

1922 – Government Buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin

Architect: Aston Webb One of the most visually impressive of Dublin’s buildings and the butt of many pointed comments after its recent expensive restoration and refurbishment as Government Office, the building was constructed...

03 September 2009

1906 – Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic

Architect: Wilhelm Stiassny The Jerusalem Synagogue, while not located in the Jewish Quarter, was built in 1906 in New Town and has also been called the Jubilee Synagogue.

10 August 2009

1906 – Public Hall, Fakenham, Norfolk

Architect: W.J. Dunham Designed as a public hall with commercial premises at street level by W.J. Dunham of Norwich, and was intended to be faced in two colours of terracotta.

07 August 2009

1906 – Womans Hospital, Soho, London

Architect: H. Percy Adams

07 August 2009

1906 – Three Houses, Wimpole Street, London

Architect: Frank M. Elgood

07 August 2009

1906 – The Westminster Improvement Scheme, London

Architect: W.D. Caroe

07 August 2009

1906 – Hammersmith Public Baths & Wash Houses, London

Architect: J. Ernest Franck Perspective View including ground plan published in The Building News, October 12th 1906.

07 August 2009

1906 – Central Library, St. Pancras, London

Architect: Cross & Mallows

07 August 2009

1906 – Hackney Central Library, London

Architect: Trimnell & Davison

07 August 2009

1906 – Hackney Central Library, London

Architect: Henry A. Crouch