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21 January 2012

1912 – Agricultural Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Architects: Samuel Hooper / Victor W. Horwood Constructed as part of the original Fort Garry agricultural college.

07 August 2011

1912 – The Herald Building, Calgary, Alberta

Also known as the Southam building, it housed the Calgary Herald from 1913-1932. During the 1960s the exterior was ‘modernised’ removing much of the exterior decoration. Demolished 1972.

01 August 2011

1912 – Memorial Park Library, Calgary, Alberta

Architect: McLean & Wright Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie funded $80,000 of the $100,000 cost of Calgary’s Central Library, which was the first purpose-built public library in Alberta. It was designed by Boston architects McLean...

04 July 2011

1912 – Kelvin Technical & High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: J.B. Mitchell Founded in 1912 as Kelvin Technical High School, the name was later changed to Kelvin High School. Built of Tyndall stone and Estevan red brick between 1910 and 1912. The...

05 November 2010

1912 – Starbucks Center, Seattle, Washington

Architect: The Starbucks Center, world headquarters for Starbucks, is the second largest building in Seattle, with over 1,800,000 square feet (167,000 m2). Originally the building was the central structure in a complex built...

11 August 2010

1912 – Municipal Building, New York

Architect: McKim, Mead & White Located at the intersection of Chambers Street and Centre Street, the Municipal Building is one of the largest governmental buildings in the world. In 1888 Mayor Abraham Hewitt...

10 August 2010

1912 – Manhattan Bridge, New York

Architect: Leon Moisseiff The Manhattan Bridge connects Lower Manhattan (at Canal Street) with Brooklyn. It was the last of the three suspension bridges built across the lower East River, following the Brooklyn and...

08 July 2010

1912 – Lindsay Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Woodman & Carey Located at the intersection of three major thoroughfares in downtown Winnipeg, the Lindsay Building is one of a handful of terracotta office towers erected during the city’s pre-World War...

01 July 2010

1912 – Tache Hall, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Architects: Samuel Hooper / Victor W. Horwood This student residence was the largest of the original campus buildings. Facing northeast towards the Administration Building, its facade stretches the full five hundred and fifty...

01 July 2010

1912 – Administration Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Architects: Samuel Hooper / Victor W. Horwood Originally the Manitoba Agricultural College when it was built in 1912, it is now the Administration Building for the University. Its central location, symmetrical facades and...