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20 January 2010

1929 – Pembroke Library, Anglesea Road, Dublin

Architect: Arnold F. Hendy A graceful little library with a rather unfortunate porch attached. This small brick library just off Merrion Road and surrounded by RDS property has an interesting central bay. This...

10 December 2009

1929 – Confederation Building, Ottawa, Ontario

Architect: Thomas W. Fuller The Confederation Building, which had built in 1929 on Wellington Street had been occupied mainly by Department of Agriculture employees from its inception. The Department of Finance and the...

04 December 2009

1929 – Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona

Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe One of the classic designs of International Modernism, technically this building should be called the German Pavilion in Barcelona, since it was constructed as a temporary building...

23 November 2009

1929 – Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Architect: Magney & Tusler The Foshay was designed by Léon Eugène Arnal, chief designer for the architects Magney & Tusler, later known as Setter, Leach & Lindstrom. Modeled after the Washington Monument, the...

07 October 2009

1929 – Teatro Lope de Vega, Seville, Spain

This neo-baroque theatre is named after the famous 16th century Spanish playwright, often called the Spanish Shakespeare, who wrote more than 1,500 plays. Like most of the buildings in this area of the...

06 October 2009

1929 – Ibero-American Exposition – Royal Pavilion, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Architect: Aníbal González This was the Royal Family pavilion during the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929. Designed by Aníbal González, who designed a number of buildings for the exhibition, he treated this building in...

06 October 2009

1929 – Ibero-American Exposition – Mudejar Pavilion, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Architect: Aníbal González The Mudejar Pavilion was built by the architect Aníbal González as part of an extensive urban development project for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. The pavilion, which functioned as the Palace...

06 October 2009

1929 – Plaza de Espaà±a Exposition Building, Seville, Spain

Architect: Aníbal González The Plaza de Espana was the spectacular centerpiece of the Spanish- American Expo. In 1929 Seville hosted the Ibero-American Exposition and numerous pavilions were constructed for the exhibition in Maria...

06 October 2009

1929 – Ibero-American Exposition – Uruguay Pavilion, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Architect: Uruguay’s pavilion included displays of its industrial schools, including the Institute of Agronomy and an art gallery filled with paintings and bronze sculptures.

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