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Abbey Theatre Redevelopment

18 June 2011

Abbey Theatre NOT to move to GPO

The government has today announced that, following consideration of the matter, it has been decided not to proceed with the re-location of the Abbey Theatre to the GPO complex. This decision has been...

11 March 2010

Post-Cullen Abbey move on GPO should be scrapped

The first thing Martin Cullen’s successor as minister for the arts must do is review his supposedly bright idea of shovelling the Abbey Theatre into the General Post Office. Airily dismissing a previous...

12 December 2009

Moving Abbey to GPO would save millions, claims Cullen

The plan to move the Abbey to the GPO will cost about half what moving to the docklands would have done, and will help rejuvenate O’Connell Street, the Minister for Arts, Sport and...

29 October 2009

A home for the Abbey

O dear, the “Whither the Abbey?” roadshow is back in town. There are many reasons why the proposal to move the theatre to the GPO is a flawed idea. Locating the Abbey in...

24 October 2009

Finding a new stage for the Abbey is not a question of location

David Norris’s idea of relocating the Abbey Theatre to the GPO in Dublin is an exciting notion. But it is not a good one. It is, in fact, a rather depressing sign of...

17 October 2009

The Abbey and the GPO – an improbable alliance?

When the facade of the GPO was projected on to the stage of the Abbey Theatre during the Rough Magic production of Improbable Frequency in 2005, it was a moment of delicious irony....

04 October 2009

Move Abbey to GPO not ‘duck pond’ — Norris

The one building that is instantly and universally known to every citizen in the State — Dublin’s GPO — should be reborn as the new home for the Abbey Theatre as the centrepiece...

08 October 2008

Historic Abbey Theatre stones may go unused

The salvaged facade of the original Abbey Theatre should be incorporated into its new design, says the widow of a Dublin architect who was responsible for saving the granite blocks. However, the Office...

02 October 2008

Widow hopes to fulfil husband’s Abbey wishes

The widow of a Dublin architect is hoping to have her late husband’s wishes fulfilled by having a number of granite blocks he saved from the old Abbey Theatre incorporated into the new...

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