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Antoine Predock

28 May 2013

Progress of the Canadian Museum for Human RIghts, Winnipeg

A few recent photos of external progress of the new federally funded Museum for Human Rights. Constructed at The Forks in Winnipeg, and designed by Antoine Predock, and due for completion in 2014....

17 February 2010

Architecture to warm you in ‘Winterpeg’

Travellers visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba this winter will have the chance to see an innovative showcase featuring what the Canadian Tourism Commission describes as five ‘architectural marvels’. The display comprises a number of structures...

08 January 2010

‘Love huts’ to keep skaters warm – Artists, architects will liven up river trail

Skaters on Winnipeg’s river trail will soon be able to thaw out in five imaginative new warm-up “love shacks,” including one that resembles a tinfoil igloo and one in the form of an...