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23 July 2009

1892 – London & South Western Bank, Wimbledon Hill, London

Architect: Edward Gabriel Branch of the London & South Western Bank. Gabriel designed several branches for this particular banking company.

20 July 2009

1878 – Corner Premises, Newgate & King Edward Street, London

Architect: James W. James From The Building News: “This conspicuous building is now in course of erection on a commanding site at the corner of Newgate-street and King Edward-street. The building was designed...

14 July 2009

1905 – Yorkshire Penny Bank, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: George B. Bulmer

14 July 2009

1885 – Yorkshire Penny Bank, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: J.P. Kay

14 July 2009

1884 – New Bank, North St., Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Edward J. Dodgshun

13 July 2009

1900 – Parrs Bank, Castle Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw Still in use as a bank, now a branch of NatWest. The upper floors remain largely as designed by Shaw, the ground floor fenestration and detailing has been simplified.

13 July 2009

1882 – Savings Bank, Scotland Road, Liverpool, Lancashire

Architect: G.E. Grayson

13 July 2009

1879 – South Branch, Liverpool Savings Bank, Lancashire

Architect: G.E. Grayson Sadly no longer in use as a bank branch, semi-derelict.

07 July 2009

1860 – Messrs. Wright’s Bank, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Architect: C.H. Edwards . Published in The Builder, August 25 1860.

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