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Architecture of Berkshire

12 June 2009

1885 – Arbourfield Hall, Berkshire

Architect: Charles Smith & Son

12 June 2009

1903 – Upton Cottage, Slough, Berkshire

Architect: W. Hargreave Raffles

12 June 2009

1903 – Cottages at Cookham, Berkshire

Architect: Edward Hyde & Son

12 June 2009

1873 – Business Premises, Market Place, Reading, Berkshire

Architect: William & J.T. Brown

12 June 2009

1881 – New Grammar School, Newbury, Berkshire

Architect: J. Martin Brooks Placed design in competition to design a new grammar school. “The drawing which we illustrate this week was sent in competition for the Newbury Grammar- schools under the motto...

12 June 2009

1875 – St. Leonard’s Hill, Berkshire

Architect: C.H. Howell Perspecive view of main front published in The Building News, October 15th 1875. Largely demolished in 1924, with the remainder razed in 1970. The previous house known as Gloucester Lodge,...

12 June 2009

1900 – Shillingford Hill, Berkshire

Architect: George Hornblower

12 June 2009

1877 – Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Berkshire

Architect: Lieut. Cole R.E. Exterior & Interior Including Ground Plans Lieut. Cole of the Royal Engineers, published in The Building News, June 8th 1877.

12 June 2009

1906 – “Sunnymeade”, Reading, Berkshire

Architect: W.G.A. Hambling Sited on North Court Avenue, Reading. Published in The Building News, July 6th 1906.

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