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04 September 2012

1868 – British and Foreign Bible Society’s House, New Earl Street, Blackfriars, London

Architect: Edward L’Anson Constructed in 1868, the design was first published in 1866. Bible House was the home to the British and Foreign Bible Society until the mid 1960s.

15 March 2011

1883 – New Railway Bridge, Blackfriars, London

Elevations, sections & details “by Mr.Mills, Mr.Wolfe, Mr Barry & Mr Brunel – Engineers & Architects” for the London, Chatham and Dover Railway, and published in The Building News. September 28th 1883.

14 February 2011

1873 – Economic Life Assurance Offices, Blackfriars, London

Architect: Ewan Christian Elevation and section published in The Building News, April 4th 1873.

07 August 2009

1906 – St. Annes Vestry Hall, Blackfriars, London

Architect: Banister Fletcher & Sons