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14 January 2011

1700 – Morden College, Blackheath, London

Architect: Sir Christopher Wren Morden College is a long-standing charity which has been providing residential care in Blackheath, south-east London, England for over 300 years. It was founded by philanthropist Sir John Morden...

02 September 2010

1887 – Residence at Westcombe Park, Blackheath, London

Architect: Higgs & Rudkin Designed for for W. Claude Johnson esq. “This residence has lately been erected from the designs of Messrs. Higgs and Rudkin, architects, the builder being Mr. H.L. Holloway of...

15 April 2010

1896 – “Windermere”, Blackheath, London

Architect: Aston Webb Perspective View & Plans published in The Building News, May 22nd 1896.

13 September 2009

1881 – Residence at Blackheath, Surrey

Architect: W.J. Green “This house, which has been recently erected for Mr. J. F. Green, of Blackwall, is situate on a portion of the estate of the late Mr. J. Mun. The walls...

26 June 2009

1896 – “The Gables”, Blackheath, Surrey

Architect: Aston Webb