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26 July 2012

1884 – Warehouse, Broad Street, Bloomsbury, London

Architect: Joseph Peacock Published in The Builder.

03 July 2012

1880 – National Hospital for Paralysed & Epileptic, Bloomsbury, London

Architect: M.P. Manning Founded in 1859 and originally called The National Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System including Paralysis and Epilepsy. For Powis Place, Bloomsbury. Published in The Building News, January 9th...

21 July 2009

1885 – College of Preceptors, Bloomsbury Square, London

Architect: Frank Pinches

21 July 2009

1883 – Vernon Chambers, Bloomsbury, London

Architect: Alfred M. Ridge Perspective view published in The Building News, October 12th 1883.

16 July 2009

1860 – St. Giles National Schools, Bloomsbury, London

Architect: Edward Middleton Barry Sited at the corner of Endell Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, the National Schools were built to cater for 1,500 children. The facilities included a soup kitchen, and an industrial...