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Architecture of Bradford

15 June 2010

1900 – ‘Sunfield’, Daisy Hill, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: Herbert Hodgson & James E. Benton Published in The Building News August 31st 1900.

16 April 2010

1887 – Royal Hotel Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: James Ledingham Published in The Building News, September 16th. 1887.

13 April 2010

1887 – Houses at Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: Herbert Issit

05 October 2009

1879 – Church, Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: T.H. & F. Healey Perspective of church for Victor Road, including ground plan as published in The Building News, October 24th 1879. “The church is intended to be built in one of...

08 September 2009

1881 – Bowling Park, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: Kershaw & Hepworth “The accompanying illustrations delineate the laying out of the above park, also the entrance- lodge and gates. The designers are Mr. Lister Kershaw, landscape-gardener, Brighouse, and Mr. George Hepwortb,...

01 September 2009

1882 – Technical School, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: Hope & Jardine Perspective View including ground & 1st floor plans published in The Building News, June 18th 1880. Bradford Mechanics’ Institute was founded in 1832, acquired a School of Design in...

06 August 2009

1885 – Bradford Infirmary, Yorkshire

Architect: Milnes & France

13 July 2009

1901 – Cartwright Memorial Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: Simpson & Allen Successful entry for architecture competition. Selected design published in The Building News, June 9th 1899.

13 July 2009

1893 – Shops and offices, Chapel Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: F.M. Rattenbury