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10 May 2013

1920 – Design for Alexandra Hotel, Bridlington, Yorkshire

Architect: Percy Bown Unbuilt extensions to the Alexandra Hotel – the central bock of nine-bays with a further three-bays to either side comprised the original hotel. Demolished in the 1970s after many years...

10 May 2013

1920 – Unbuilt War Memorial, Bridlington, Yorkshire

Architect: P.M. Andrews & H.G. Blackford Following the end of the war in 1918, plans were made to commemorate the Bridlington’s fallen with a suitable memorial. A £100 first prize was offered for...

15 July 2009

1906 – New Pavilion & Cafe, Bridlington, Yorkshire

Architect: Mangnall & Littlewood

15 July 2009

1903 – New Pavilion, Princes Parade, Bridlington, Yorkshire

Architect: Mangnall & Littlewood As published in The Building News, September 4th 1903.