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01 April 2013

1861 – Chapel for Converted Jews, Camberwell, London

Architect: W.G. Habershon From The Building News, April 26 1861: “This Chapel has been lately erected in Cold Harbor-lane, Camberwell, for converted Jews. The style may be called Lombardic rather freely adopted. The...

19 July 2012

1876 – Wilberforce Memorial Church of St. Luke, Camberwell, London

Architect: J.E.K. Cutts Perspective view & ground plan published in The Building News, August 18th 1876. Designed by JEK Cutts (1847-1938), a pupil of Ewan Christian. Cutts, who was later joined by his...

09 October 2011

1872 – The Church of All Souls, Grosvenor Park, Camberwell, London

Architect: Henry Jarvis & Son Described as “The inside is spacious (two bays of the nave are screened off at the west…. paintings of Old and New Testament worthies in the spandrels of...

09 October 2011

1877 – The Catholic Apostolic Church, Camberwell, London

Architect: J. & J. Belcher The Catholic Apostolic Church was a splinter group of Anglo-Catholics in the later part of the 19th century. There is a tiny cloister and numerous church rooms as...

25 March 2011

1870 – Presbyterian Church, Camberwell, London

Architect: F.C. Capes Design for a Presbyterian Church in Camberwell.

17 February 2011

1876 – Presbytery, Camberwell, London

Architect: A.J. Adams Presbytery, Church of the Sacred Heart, Camberwell New Road, London, for Rev.J.C. Mc.Grathy, M.A. Perspective including ground plan published in The Building News, May 19th.1876.

29 May 2010

1887 – Gordon Dwellings, Camberwell, London

Architect: Designed for Colls & Sons. Perspective View including plans published in The Building News, December 23rd 1887.

21 December 2009

1896 – Lord Leighton Memorial, Camberwell, London

Architect: Maurice B. Adams Built as the Passmore Edwards South London Art Gallery & Technical Institute. Perspective view & ground plan published in The Building News, April 10th 1896.

06 August 2009

1904 – Offices & Relief Station, Camberwell, London

Architect: Edwin T. Hall

05 August 2009

1903 – Passmore Edwards Polytechnic, Camberwell, London

Architect: Maurice B. Adams

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