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Canadian News

28 January 2010

Olympic Games Canada Pavilion called ‘shameful

Architects are panning the Canada Pavilion for the 2010 Olympic Games, designed by a U.S. firm and unveiled yesterday in Vancouver, saying it is the latest of a string of dowdy pavilions erected...

19 January 2010

From brutal brooding to retrofit chic

Constructed of pre-cast concrete skinned in dark brown brick veneer, 222 Jarvis Street is an imposing modern mass that stands out among its Victorian-style neighbours on one of Toronto’s oldest streets. It’s a...

19 January 2010

Throwing the world a few curves

When tens of thousands of Olympic visitors arrive in this city next month, they’re likely to come with stories about the glories of “Vancouverism” ringing in their ears. The media often focus on...

19 January 2010

Leblanc + Turcotte + Spooner win Montreal bus shelter design competition

The Mayor of Montréal, Gérald Tremblay, has unveiled the winning concept in the city bus shelter design competition, submitted by the consortium Leblanc + Turcotte + Spooner. The competition was for the design...

17 January 2010

Peter Dickinson “” a towering figure

During his lifetime, architect Peter Dickinson was merely a legend, now he has ascended to myth. The arrival of John Martins-Manteiga’s lavishly illustrated biography, titled simply Peter Dickinson (Dominion Modern, 304 pages, $50),...

16 January 2010

What’s that in the sky behind Queen’s Park?

One of Toronto’s grander vistas is the Ontario Legislature as seen from the broad boulevards of University Ave. City councillors want to protect that picture-postcard view, but aren’t sure how much power they...

16 January 2010

Expo 2010 isn’t supposed to be a circus act

Let’s say you’re the head of a state and you’ve been given an enormous, prestigious site to advertise the creative brains of your country to about 70 million people touring through a world...

14 January 2010

Protect Ontario’s political heritage

The Legislative Assembly Building must dominate the view from University Ave. from Queen St. and all points north. To have the silhouette of our most important civic building – the prime symbol of...

13 January 2010

Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners merge with Perkins+Will

Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners has announced a strategic merger with the global architecture and design practice Perkins+Will. Perkins+Will currently operate studios throughout North America Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Shore...

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