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Canadian architects

15 January 2010

Gaboury, Étienne (1930-)

The youngest of a family of eleven children, Etienne Gaboury was born on April 24, 1930 to a farming cfamily from Swan Lake, Manitoba. The family boasted a long history of Canadian settlement...

15 January 2010

Hooper, Samuel (1851-1911)

Born in Hatherleigh, Devonshire, England, Hooper studied architecture in his uncle’s office before travelling to Canada in 1869. He settled in London, Ontario and worked as a stone carver. He later returned to...

15 January 2010

Horwood, Victor William (1878 – 1939)

Victor William Horwood was born in Frome, Somersetshire, England, on 27 February 1878. He came to Canada with his family in 1884 and was educated in Ottawa and, subsequently, in Minneapolis. In 1904...

15 January 2010

Pratt, Ralph Benjamin (1878-1950)

Ralph Benjamin Pratt was born in London, England, on August 8, 1878 and trained as an architect at the South Kensington School of Art. After completing his education he emigrated to Canada and...

15 January 2010

Peters, S. Frank

Born in England, Peters was raised and educated in London, Ontario, and went to Toronto University for a civil engineering degree. After graduating he began his practice in London, Ontario in 1872 and...

15 January 2010

Northwood, George W. (d. 1945)

George W. Northwood arrived in Winnipeg in 1905 after studies in Montreal. He had a distinguished military career during World War I, then joined in partnership with another decorated veteran, Brigadier Major Cyril...

16 December 2009

Tache, Eugène-Etienne (1836-1912)

Eugène-Etienne Tache (25 October 1836 – 13 March 1912) was a French Canadian surveyor, civil engineer, illustrator and architect. He devised the Quebec’s provincial coat-of-arms and motto Je me souviens. In 1861 he...

08 June 2009

Saxon Snell, Henry

Henry Saxon Snell, the son of George Blagrave Snell, lived and practised in London, England. Between 1878 and 1891, he was in partnership with his sons, Harry Saxon Snell and Alfred Saxon Snell,...

08 June 2009

McIntyre, John (1879-1957)

John McIntyre was born on 31 January 1879 in Stranraer and was articled to Alexander Hunter Crawford of Edinburgh in 1895 working mainly on domestic work in Trinity, Morningside and elsewhere and studying...

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