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23 September 2009

1880 – Cemetery Chapel, Tavistock, Devon

Architect: Henry Clutton The ‘New’ cemetery was given to the people of Tavistock by the 9th Duke of Bedford, and was opened in 1882. It is situated on the outskirts of this ancient...

24 August 2009

1885 – Lowestoft Cemetery Buildings, Suffolk

Architect: William Doubleday

15 July 2009

1883 – Cemetery Buildings, East Morley, Yorkshire

Architect: W.S. Braithwaite Premiated designs including ground plans published in The Building News, November 9th 1883.

29 June 2009

1906 – Withington Cemetery Chapel, Lancashire

Architect: E. Woodhouse Second place design in competition – also won by Woodhouse with a different design.

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