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15 July 2009

1874 – St Luke’s Church, Dewsbury, Yorkshire

Architect: Holtom & Connon From The Building News, November 6 1874: “This church is about to be erected on a hillside, the upper portion of which is bounded by Leeds-road, one of the...

15 July 2009

1874 – Church of St. Saviour, Mortomley, Yorkshire

Architect: James Brooks Perspective view of Church of St. Saviour including ground plan as published in The Building News, July 10th 1874: “The design for this church was selected in a limited competition,...

15 July 2009

1871 – Church of Saint Bartholomew, Armley, Yorkshire

Architect: Walker & Athron From The Building News, July 10 1874: “We give this week an illustration of a proposed reredosforthe church of S. Bartholomew, Armley, near Leeds, now in course of erection...

14 July 2009

1906 – United Methodist Free Church, Ashley Road, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: H. Ascough Chapman

14 July 2009

1905 – Park Wesleyan Chapel, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Danby & Simpson

14 July 2009

1903 – St. Margarets Church, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Temple Moore

14 July 2009

1901 – Congregational Church, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: George F. Danby

14 July 2009

1900 – Proposed Church, Barnsley, Yorkshire

Architect: Heaton, Ralph & Heaton Perspective including Ground Plan published in The Building News, August 31st 1900.

14 July 2009

1900 – Church & Vicarage, Barnsley, Yorkshire

Architect: Goodwin Packer

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